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AMO with Midas and Westlife have confirmed a second night at Thong Nhat Stadium on 21.11.2023. Audiences in Vietnam will have a chance to enjoy two consecutive nights of musical hits from the band from Ireland on November 21-22, 2023.

The Wild Dreams Tour continues to create waves in Asia with the tight schedule of the band, performing Taipei and Macau before arriving in Vietnam to perform two shows back to back following which Westlife continue on to India for a further three sell out shows.

The news of Westlife performing at Thong Nhat Stadium, HCMC made Westlife’s fan community in Vietnam “unable to sit still in expectations of the concert”. After just one night of posting, the interaction on Facebook of Westlife’s concert in HCMC announcement poster reached a number, of nearly 50 thousand. The topic of “The Wild Dreams Tour – All The Hits!” reached #5 on Social Trend Ranking chart with 21,30 thousand discussions and 85,82 thousand interactions. With the positive responses from the Vietnamese fan community, Mr. Michael Hosking – Representative
of Midas Promotions – The Wild Dreams Tour Westlife’s co-promoter shared: “The Wild Dreams Tour is the largest tour ever of Westlife, with their impressive comeback filling arenas and stadiums with music. When the first show sold out in hours we worked with our partners here and Westlife’s management to organize a second date. It was challenging due to prior commitments of Westlife in a very busy touring schedule. We worked hard with management and Westlife’s commitment to another concert finally paid off”.

Tickets for Westlife’s show at Thong Nhat stadium is 100% seating. Tickets will be divided into 6 zones, with the same price as the show on 22/11. Tickets are available at