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Posted on: May 28th, 2018 12:02 pm

Westlife Live in Singapore 2001


Relaxed, refreshed and bursting with energy, Westlife, the quiet superstars of the mainstream UK music scene, bounce back with their new album ‘Face To Face.’

It’s a world that they have dominated for seven years and the album features all the hallmarks of that reign – a collection of classic songs and future standards. In brief, ‘Face To Face’ finds Westlife doing what they’ve always done best.

After a brief interlude with their Rat Pack album of classic song sung in the style of Sinatra, ‘Face To Face’ is Westlife’s first collection of new songs since ‘Turnaround’ topped the charts in 2003. “I think this album shows that Westlife are back in a big way. It’s got the best material we’ve ever released,” says Shane confidently. Agrees Nicky: “At the time Turnaround seemed like one of our best albums – and this one feels even better.”

Following four months’ holidays – the longest break of their entire career – the boys have returned to action sounding stronger, fresher and hungrier than ever. “I think the break did us good,” says Nicky, who spent much of his summer getting in shape in the gym. “We still look at ourselves as the luckiest band in the world, but when you do something so long and so frequently, you’re bound to need time to recharge your batteries.”

That freshness can be heard all over ‘Face To Face.’ The band have never sounded in better voice and they’ve rarely had a better choice of material on which to show it. “We know we have to raise the bar each time we make an album and be bigger and better,” acknowledges Shane, who recently became a father for the first time. After seven years together, their seventh album finds them at the top of their game, and it’s a big game they play in, with six multi-platinum albums in the UK alone. Add to that the Brit Awards, MTV Award, 12 UK number one’s; Westlife are amazingly one of the biggest brands on the planet.

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