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Posted on: June 1st, 2018 5:49 am

Suede Live in Singapore 2011


A Greatest Hits to remind us that, beyond the breakthroughs and breakdowns, the trends and the bends, Suede’s brilliantly ascorbic, urgent, passionate songs have lasted the test of time. No masterplan, just a set list that epitomises all that’s epochal about Suede – the frenzied performances, the high-wire ambition, the life-changing impact. In the words of the song, can’t get enough.

  • Date: 03 August 2011
  • Venue: Indoor Stadium
  • Country: Singapore
Seven years after winding down, Suede have unexpectedly wound up again. And “wound up” is about right for this intense band. Their return triggers a flood of memories; frenzied performances, high-wire ambition, life-changing impact. Even in 1992 when Suede released their debut 45 The Drowners, the sashaying tune and provocative lyric felt like a bomb detonating. This was, after all, the era of grunge, shoegazing and the last gasp of Madchester, scenes with a raison d’être but too much introversion and precious little eye-to-eye combat.

Post-E Britain was grasping for more; as Suede bassist Mat Osman noted when referencing the impact of The Smiths, “A new set of values and musical references, and seeing the world in another way.” No lectures necessary; just something grubbily real about the mess we were in. And sure, we all loved each other, but what about sex? Indie rock avoided the issue, as if sex equalled sexism.

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