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Posted on: May 30th, 2018 1:12 pm

Spirit Of The Dance Live in Asia 2003


The International smash hit “Spirit of the Dance” is one of the most successful shows ever to come out of Ireland and has been seen by more than twenty million people around the world.

From the Spirit of the Dance production offices in London, England, the worldwide tours of our wonderful show are co-ordinated. At any one time, up to six performances of Spirit of the Dance can be taking place on the same night in different corners of the globe. Over 250 dancers, 150 technical staff, 50 musicians and 75 management personnel are working round the clock to ensure that our smash hit production looks great wherever it appears worldwide.

  • Date: 25 – 31 March 2003
  • Venue: Cultural Center
  • Country: Manila, Japan


  • 03rd Japan – Summit Hall
  • 04th Japan – World Convention Centre
  • 05th Japan – hoenix Seagaia
  • 07th – 20th Seoul, Korea – L.G. Theatre
  • 22th – 24th Busan & Kwangju, Korea – Kwangju Cultural Center
  • 25th – 27th Busan & Kwangju, Korea – Busan KBS Hall
  • 29th – 08th Taiwan – Taiwan Broadband Communications (TBC)


  • 10th – 12th Jakarta, Indonesia – Juanita Community Club Hall (JCC)

Winner of nine Global Awards, including “Best Choreography” and “Best International Production”, this spellbinding show has smashed box office records in fifteen different countries.We could never have dreamed that since our first perfomance at the Bristol Hippodrome Theater, England, in September 1996, we would now have six award winning troupes touring the world. We are proud to say that theaters everywhere report record -breaking tickets sales as soon as a performance of our show is announced.

Powerful, show stopping Irish Dance combined with the passionate Latino rhythms of Tango, Flamenco and Red- Hot Salsa produce a heart- pounding production that the International Post describes as “The World’s Greatest Irish Dance Show “.The world champion dancers of the Irish International Dance Company sound like a runaway express train and their frenzied skill and military precision sends shivers down your spine. Not one Irish dance shoe steps out of line as their thunderous feet perform as one, with an excitement that leaves audiences screaming for more.

Our foot-stomping spectacular features dynamic lighting, dazzling costumes and stunning choreography. With thunderous applause, standing ovations and sold out crowds at every performance, “Spirit of the Dance” is undoubtedly one of the greatest dance shows ever.

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