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Posted on: June 5th, 2018 10:31 am

Pussycat Dolls Live in Taipei 2009


The Pussycat Dolls are an American pop girl group and dance ensemble based in Los Angeles; currently consisting of Lauren Bennett, Vanessa Curry, Kristal “Lyndriette” Smith, Tiffany “Taz” Zavala, Kia Hampton and Paula Van Oppen. The Pussycat Dolls were founded by choreographer Robin Antin in 1995 as a burlesque troupe.

  • Date: 07 June 2009
  • Venue: No.3 Song-Lian Road
  • Country: Taipei City, Taiwan

Following the departure of Bachar in February 2008, the group continued as a quintet. They released their second album Doll Domination in the same year, which spawned singles “When I Grow Up”, “I Hate This Part” and “Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)”. In early 2010, it was confirmed that Scherzinger, Sutta, Wyatt, Roberts, and Thornton had left the group to focus on their solo careers. Auditions are now being held by Robin Antin to recruit new members./>

With help from the Black Eyed Peas’ and producer Timbaland, the Pussycat Dolls recorded their full-length debut. The A&M label released PCD, a Top Ten hit, in the summer of 2005. In 2008 member Carmit Bachar left to pursue a solo career while the Interscope label announced that a solo album from Scherzinger was being put on hold after four teaser singles failed to climb the charts.

Continuing on as a five-piece, the Dolls released both the single “When I Grow Up” and the album Doll Domination that same year. “When I Grow Up” reached the Top Ten in 16 countries.

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