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Posted on: June 5th, 2018 9:00 am

Incubus Live in Jakarta 2008


“(Art)… rescues us from our self chosen triviality, to which we are so prone. It is like a deep organ note that makes my hair stir and a shiver run through me. I ‘pull back’ from life, like a camera taking a long shot with a wide angle lens. I quite simply become aware of more reality than before.” -Colin Wilson (The Occult.

      • Date: 05 March 2008
      • Venue: Tennis Indoor Stadium
      • Country: Jakarta

When I first read this quote, it truly effected me. I felt like someone had finally spoken an iota of truth about creativity and the process it allows to both the creator and the observer. It helped certainties that I have held dear for so long, resonate even deeper within me. And it inevitably made me muse about what we do as a band and group of friends who come together and through a symbiotic chaos of sorts make art and sound. The gratitude I and my friends feel is beyond measure. Gratitude for the experience itself and gratitude to the people who have lent us their attention, if even for three and half minutes.

What I am getting at (sort of) is that art has rescued us in many ways. Through circumstance, chance, good fortune, a teeny, weeny bit of talent, and an ardor for expressivity, Incubus has survived long enough to garnish a perspective onto itself. “Like a camera taking a long shot with a wide angle lens,” we conjured ‘Light Grenades’; a forty-seven and some odd seconds long bulbous mass of sound and intention captured on tape. ‘Light Grenades’ that explode with consciousness, light, art and mind. If you enjoy it, we thank you. If not? Then my dog is French and he already pooped under your pillow.

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