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Posted on: May 30th, 2018 1:10 pm

Bond Live in Asia 2003


If you play around with the layers of meaning in the word Classified, you come up with several permutations: Classical, a reference to the ongoing are-they-aren’t-they debate concerning bond’s musical style; Classic as in first-class or excellent, a reference to their academic and musical abilities; Classy as in superior and stylish; and then there’s the hush-hush meaning of Classified, alluding to a certain suave and sexy spy of renown.

  • Date: 29 May 2003
  • Venue: Conference, The Windsor Hotel Toya
  • Country: Vodafone, Japan


  • 26th Yokohama, Japan – Kanagawa Prefectural Hall
  • 27th Kawaguchi, Japan – Lilia Hall
  • 28th Kazo, Japan – Pastoral Kazo
  • 29th Maebashi, Japan – Gunma Prefectural


  • 02nd Hamamatsu, Japan – Act City Hamamatsu Hall
  • 03rd Kobe, Japan – Kobe International House
  • 05th Seoul, Korea – Jade Garden of Walkerhill
  • 07th Bangkok, Thailand – BEC, Tero Hall
  • 12th Laguna, Thailand – Marquee at the Sheraton

It’s not actually hard to figure out why. Sure, Haylie Ecker (first violin), Eos Chater (second violin), Tania Davis (viola) and Gay-Yee Westerhoff (cello) are highly photogenic. But as one of them has pointed out, if that’s all that was needed for success, then supermodels would be able to sell records. There’s a deeper reason. It’s because underpinning everything lies individual musical virtuosity and the sharpest of ears for what a global audience wants to hear. bond are entertainers and see no shame in that. They are a genuinely genre-defying act, willing to go beyond category to explore the joy of music regardless of the cultural hamstrings that restrict the creativity of so many classically trained musicians.

Bond have played a much larger role in the arrangements and compositions on Classified, having written over a third of the album themselves. They worked alongside Orion, led by producer and DJ Youth (who also worked on their debut album BORN), and successful club DJ and producer Ed Leal, with help on the arrangements by the hugely talented Matt Dunkley.

As bond mature and gain confidence in their identity and musicianship, it becomes clearer they have hit on a nerve and a need globally for music that is both uplifting and transporting. They have proven they had the courage and foresight to stretch the creative boundaries.

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