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JBJ "Come True" 2018

The PRODUCE 101 fever continues to run hot! Dubbed as an "Idol Group Miracle" by booth media and fans alike, JBJ has announced they will be making their first ever visit in Hong Kong and Manila to spend the new year with their fans!


Date 06 JANUARY 2018 14 APRIL 2018

Asia Worl Expo 10, 

Hong Kong

On sale now!

Smart Araneta Coliseum,


On sale now!


 JBJ was dubbed "Idol Group Miracle" in Korea, because members Taehyun, Kenta, Sanggyun, Lungguo, Donghan, and Hyunbin participated in Season 2 of PRODUCE 101 and gathered huge support from fans, wo decided to create their own "dream group", purchasing their own billboard ads at the bustling Samseong Subway Station in Seoul, and posting their wishes on hoping for the members to officially debut.

Having released their first mini album, JBJ reached more than 3 million hits within the first week, creating yet another miracle after miracle, proving themselves as the next rising stars, and further beginning to hold a series of oversea fan meetings starting November.


Apart from choosing to spend the New Year with their fans, JBJ has also prepared many special gifts for their fans - such as chances to attend HI-TOUCH with JBJ, group photos, artists' polaroid selfies, autographed CDs, and signed posters, while all attendees receives free posters.

Don't miss the chance to create an everlasting memory with JBJ!

 JBJ hk poster


 JBJ First Fan Meeting in Hong Kong "Come True" Fan Benefits Are:

All HKD1280 VIP ticket holders are entitled to attend the Hi-Touch Session after the fan meeting

All HKD1280 VIP and HKD880 ticket holders have a chance to win ONE of the following fan benefits

*Group opportunity with JBJ

*ONE authographed CD

*ONE authographed poster

*ONE JBJ polaroid selife

All ticket holders are entitled to a free JBJ poster

Ticket Prices: HKD 1280 / 880 / 680

JBJ manila poster


JBJ 1st Fan Meeting in Manila "Come True" Fan Benefits Are:

1000 HI-TOUCH with JBJ (for VVIP only)

500 JBJ Group Photos (25 pax * 20 groups)

60 JBJ Artist Polaroid Selfies (10 taken pet member for a total of 60, drawn at random)

50 JBJ Authographed CDs

300 JBJ Signed Poster

Everyone will recieve a free poster.


Ticket Prices (exclusive of ticket service charge):

VVIP - P9800 (includes HI-TOUCH with JBJ, plus a chance to win ONE of the other benefits through lucky draw)

VIP - P7000 (includes a chance to win ONE of the above benefits through lucky draw)

PATRON - P5000 (includes a chance to win ONE of the above benefits through lucky draw)

LOWER BOX - P3000 (includes a free poster only)


More details will be announced soon on MIDAS PROMOTIONS FACEBOOK page!


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